JAKAFI Behavioral Care Center

Our values are our worth.

JAKAFI Behavioral Care Center is a mental health service provider. We help identify strengths that will aid in stabilizing the family unit, as well as identify barriers that may impede the development of skills necessary for functioning in the family and community. We then work on enabling the family to manage the behaviors of the child/youth more effectively in the future through a knowledge/application of behavioral techniques. We are committed to helping children, adolescents and adults of all backgrounds with serious emotional disturbances to remain safely at home, succeed in school and work, and avoid involvement with the judicial system.

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Our Philosophy is family first.

We hold the fundamental belief that the family is the centerpiece of any successful community and efforts to restore the pride and success of any community should start at home.

Our vision keeps us focused on whats important.

We envision that JAKAFI’s quality services and support to each consumer and his or her family unit, regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, religion, political affiliations, sexual orientation, age, etc., will help the family to tap into their strengths, potential and resources and “Overcome the Barriers that Stop the Family from Being its Best”.

Our values are
what set us apart.

  • - We value human dignity by respecting consumer choices and honoring consumer’s privacy and confidentiality.
  • - We incorporate the family’s strengths, resources, and natural support systems in the empowering of the family for lasting success.
  • - We honor our commitment and promote informed decision-making for our consumers for their empowerment.
  • - We have high quality staff and provision of excellent services that are evidence-based and meet the specific needs of the consumer and his or her family.

Our mission is to keep a harmonious community.

Our mission is to provide therapeutic community based services to our consumers to assist them in developing skills and abilities to foster independence and to enhance their educational, social and intellectual skills; To provide each family with the skills to live together harmoniously and function effectively at its optimal level; To provide quality services to meet the unique and diverse needs of each consumer and his or her family using approaches that are designed to be flexible, family focused and culturally responsive.

The goals we pursue everyday:

1. Preserve and strengthen family unity and improve the family’s ability to function with greater adaptation to stressors that may occur within the family.
2. Prevent out-of-home placement and the significant disruption of the family that accompanies the crisis of removing an individual from the home.
3. Bring psychotherapeutic intervention into the home to strengthen the family’s ability to cope with stress.
4. Stabilize and improve the functioning of the individual and their family.
5. Introduce and mobilize resources for the individual, the family, and the community to address the current difficulties.
6. Transition the individual successfully back into the home and community.
7. Coordinate external resources necessary to improve the functioning of the individual/family.
8. Demonstrate cost savings over traditional inpatient care.
9. Coordinate services being provided to the individual and family for an integrated delivery system.